As a postdoctoral fellow at ETH Zurich, I am an instructor for the bachelor-level "Ecology Field course" in Zurich, and the masters-level field course on "Tropical Rainforest Ecology" in Borneo. I routinely contribute lectures to the courses of "Ecosystem Management" and "Tropical Rainforest Ecology". 

During my PhD at Duke University, I was a teacher assistant for the "Tropical Ecology" graduate course taught by Prof. John Poulsen. During the class, I gave lectures, led discussions, and graded papers and exams. Also during my doctorate, I assisted my advisor Stuart Pimm with a field course to the Dry Tortugas National Park in Florida, banding and monitoring Sooty Terns.

I am often invited to give guest lectures for professors teaching on the subjects of tropical and conservation ecology. Recently, have I given such lectures at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and Utrecht University



As a PhD student and postdoc, I have had the opportunity to mentor high school, undergraduate, and graduate students.

I co-directed an undergraduate thesis on conservation of birds in Bolivar state at the University of Cartagena in Colombia. The student graduated magna cum laude.

I am currently co-advising two masters students at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Colombia, and a PhD student at the University of Freiburg.

While at Duke University, I mentored a student from the NC School of Life and Science



Bird banding

This bird monitoring activity is a great way to educate people about birds, their ecology and conservation. Throughout my research career, I have used bird banding as an education and researach tool in both Colombia and the United States. 


I was first officially trained as bird bander at Palomarin Field Station of the Point Blue Conservation organization in California where I did a 3-month internship sponsored by Partners in Flight. Here I was able to learn banding techniques and participate in public bird banding demostrations for education.


In Colombia, I was the head instructor of two bird monitoring field courses that took place in Guaviare, teaching young enthusiats how to monitor and inventory bird populations. I have also done several small demonstrations for groups of school children in rural areas.


During my PhD in North Carolina, I volunteered at Prairie Ridge Ecostation, the field station of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, where I led and participated in several public demonstrations to children of all ages, and adults.



Field trips

A great way to educate people about ecology and conservation is by getting them outside! Wether locally, or internationally, leading bird watching trips has given me the opportunity to share intimate birding moments with children and adults alike.


I have co-led international trips for the Carolina Bird Club to Colombia, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, and Peru.


In North Carolina, I have co-led regional trips for Audubon chapters, the Sierra Club, Wings over Water, and other local initiatives.