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Opportunities to join the Conservation Ecology Group 

This page shows open opportunities to join the Conservation Ecology Group, which I lead, at the University of California, Santa Cruz (Environmental Studies Department).

I am always excited to host PhD students or postdocs who have their own funding (such as Fulbright, NSF, or other) - if you have funding and want to work with me, email me 


Phd positions

One PhD position to join my research group starting Fall 2024.

Potential projects: 1) studying bird functional diversity as a response to landscape configuration and change; or 2) developing and applying habitat connectivity models for conservation planning; and/or 3) studying birdwatching tourism from a conservation and economics perspective in Colombia and other tropical countries. Happy to discuss projects of your interest that are closely aligned with our group's research agenda. 

Deadline to apply November 10th, 2023

If interested, please read this document with information and application instructions, and email your application to 

Postdoc positions

Two postdoc positions starting as soon as possible (posted Sept 12, 2023)


1. Postdoctoral Fellow in Habitat connectivity mapping for conservation planning

The Postdoctoral Fellow’s primary project will be to use novel habitat connectivity models developed by Ocampo-Peñuela’s group, in collaboration with computer scientists, to map habitat connectivity for birds with the aim of informing conservation decisions in tropical regions.


Read more about this position, and how to apply HERE! - Deadline Oct 31st, 2023

2. Predicting Species’ Distributions under Climate Change to Inform Biodiversity Conservation (co-advised with Prof. Erika Zavaleta)

The postdoctoral scholar will collaborate on development of California species distribution models for terrestrial vertebrates and plants under climate change with a cross-disciplinary UC team. The position provides a unique opportunity to pursue primary ecological investigation using innovative computational approaches and action-research to address climate change challenges to wildlife, ecosystems and people.

Read more about this position, and how to apply HERE! - Deadline Oct 31st, 2023

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